IMRAA has two-tier organizational structure. The board of directors governs the organization and provides technical guidance and perception to the organization. The management implements the policies and programs envisioned by the board of directors. An advisory council of intellectuals from different backgrounds always contributes the organization by providing technical guidance in their respective field of specialties.

IMRAA goal is to acquire peace and tranquility through mobilization, awareness and participation. Which is deeply rooted in mutual respect? Economic prosperity, a well-informed society

  • To promote primary education and to rise literacy rate (both male & female).
  • To ensure full community participation through awareness and education in all stages of the developmental activities.
  • To support the masses to meet the basic health care services. To work in the control of environmental pollution.
  • To assess the farmers in raising field and productivity of crops.
  • To undertake and development and capacity building activities which are helpful for uplift and neglect sectors of the society.
  • To produce and provide opportunities in the area in order to eradicate poverty.
  • To provide emergency relief services to the effected community in time to natural calamities like earthquake, flood etc.
  • To promote linkages with community based organization, non-government organization and national and international development organization for information sharing and mutual collaboration.
  • To launch awareness and advocacy programs on relevant issues for effective mobilization.

  • Supremacy of the constitution
  • Respect for differences of opinion
  • Discipline
  • Merit
  • Democracy
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Gender equity

  • General Body
  • General body consists of 30 members in addition we also have 20 volunteers who actively take part in communal activities

  • Executive Body
  • Executive body consists of seven office bearer members. This is also called Board of Directors.