IMRAA(Initiative for mobilization of resources to ensure accountability and Advocacy) IMRAA is a non political, non governmental and non profit organization working both locally and nationally. IMRAA is committed to utilize and mobilize both natural and human resources through advocacy and awareness, in order to promote civic rights, peace and tranquility, poverty alleviation, Health/Hygiene and WASH related issues and concerns.

IMRAA emerged initially as a C.B.O. When few of philanthropic minded persons realized that the dwellers of locality Zafar Park Tehsil Batkhela Malakand Division, went through trials and tribulations as a result of militancy and counter militancy activities along with devastating floods, which eventually stopped them in their track to move on and grow economically, socially and politically. The entire social and economic fabric of Malakand division hampered enormously. The effected people lost their socio/economic and political compass, through which they used to navigate themselves and their day to day routine tasks, socially, economically and politically to earn for their living, to stay in their homeland peacefully. Militancy and counter Militancy activities along with sweeping floods of 2010 proved to be have been disastrous for the area which left Malakand Division in sweeping condition. Swat Valley is a place on earth which is a national asset having rich historical perspective i.e. Budha Art sites, a place of Gandhara Art civilization. Swat is one of the most beautiful and legendary place on the planet, having lush green valleys, diverse ethnic structure and also having unique cultural mosaic, a vigorous cultural spectrum. Nature has gifted Swat valley with scenic natural beauty, having diversified terrain. Swat is exceptionally rich with regard to tourism attraction. The essence of this attraction is splendid natural water falls, beautiful rivers flowing in the Rockies, spell bound lakes mostly in the mountainous region and lush green pockets in most parts of Swat Valley.

That is why IMRAA aims to make tremendous endeavors to re track the post traumatic condition, that is to conserve its culture and normative order as it got threatened due to the above said turbulence, and turmoil, and to rehabilitate the area in term of livelihood, peace, education, WASH, Advocacy, Gender equality and gender based violence, cultural preservation and conservation issues and awareness/Advocacy.

IMRAA felt strong that such activities needs to be designed which can boost the social and economic development of the area and will strive to get at par with those communities which are moving upward in terms of progress and prosperity. Malakand Division and surrounding vicinity needs to be properly aligned through education awareness and advocacy which will consequently bring good fortune for the area. IMRAA focus prime objective is to bring a social change in the area through gross root level and participatory approach so that developmental tasks could be easily handled.