Blood donation for injured at the EVE of flood

IMRAA actively participated and helped out local community during devastating flood, On one hand IMRAA made untiring magnificent efforts to save lives both humans and cattle yet also manged health centers in order to donate bloods. The purpose of donating blood was aimed to provide enough blood to the flood effected injured victims..

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EPI program

IMRAA made round the clock efforts in District Malakand to aware and advocate for the EPI program safety and to educate and aware the people regarding importance safety and its overall impact on the masses, IMRAA arranged meetings within local villages with the elites and Jerga elders to advocate for EPI related concerns. IMRAA made tremendous efforts to propagate the importance of forestry, its impact and overall importance on environment health...

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Women Economic Empoerment and Capcity Building Women Economic

IMRAA organized and managed in two tehsils i.e. Three centres to give technical skills to women in order to induce economically empowered and to maximize their capacity to support their family on need basis. In this regard IMRAA imparted three days training in these two ....Tehsils and also distributed sewing machines to the needed women so that they can earn and become a source of income generating activities

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Free Eye Camp

Eye infections and diseases are very common in some parts of District Malakand, where the blindness ratio is too high. There is no research available on the causes of high ratio blindness. IMRAA conducted two free eye camps which were financially and technically supported by Doctors and philanthropists in District Malakand during 2012-2013, where a total of 73 eye patients have been treated with free medicine and consultation. Moreover, 13 eye operations were conducted of the selected poor patients of the area where lenses were used for the treatment and had 99% successful ratio...

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Free Medical Camp

IMRAA have conducted 4 free medical camps and 10 camps on 40% discount on medicines with free doctors services. Mostly patients attended were females and children having common diseases like diarrhea, Vitamin A deficiency and lack of Nutritional food items. Up till now, a total of 93 female and 167 children were given free medicines and medical treatment....

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Flood and IDP's Relief programs

IMRAA organized and managed free camps when the devastating floods hit the area and consequently thousands of IDPs migrated to other parts of the province. IMRAA made every efforts to reach out to those who were deserving and to extend every sort of help in order to make their life comfortable In this regard...

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